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The Lone Star State has a long and proud military history. From the battles at the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto on, her presence of spirit and devotion was often sought, and those from outside her borders were honored to serve beside brave Texans. 

As John Marshall, a citizen of Virginia, wrote in a letter on June 7, 1862, "Let me say that on every hand I heard that Texas is wanted here if but for the moral effect of her fearful name." (1)

To honor the brave military personnel and ensure they receive the very best advocacy, the Texas legislature established the Veterans State Services Office in 1927. The name was changed to the Texas Veterans Commission in 1985. For more information regarding veteran affairs in the Lone Star State, visit the Texas Veterans Commission at www.tvc.state.tx.us/.

In order to ensure veterans and their families have easy access to state-wide resources; TexVet developed a Veteran Services Provider Network (VSPN) in which information is gathered and disseminated. This comprehensive network allows veterans and their families to save time and effort when searching for services. To learn more about TexVet visit www.texvet.org.

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Texas Major Active Duty Installation Map 
(1) Quoted by Harold B. Simpson in Hood's Texas Brigade: Lee Grenadier Guard, Waco, Texas: Texian Press, 1970, page 41.